Staff & Staffing Levels

Our staff are selected not just for their professional skills, but because they have a genuine interest in the welfare of others, are able to relate well and enjoy working with the elderly.

They all complete a thorough induction training programme and receive on-going training throughout their employment. Staff undergo supervision sessions every 8 weeks and most either hold NVQ qualifications in care or are under instruction.

We have a strong management and senior care team and our care staff are appropriately qualified to deliver the highest standards of care. Our training programme ensures that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in Care Practices, as may be laid down in appropriate legislation, regulations and the Care Quality Commission.

Our staffing levels are higher than most other care homes which is reflected in our costs. This high level of staffing ensures that we always operate within the staffing level guidance forum supplied by the CQC, which means that our own staffing levels meet the dependency needs of our residents at all times, even during periods of staff sickness.

We will eventually be fully staffed to look after 63 residents with varying dependency levels.